Price list


Duration (min)Acne SpecialistSenior Acne SpecialistMaster Acne Specialist
Acne Consultation only60$90$120$150
Acne Consultation With Digital Diagnostics120$220$250$300
Acne Consultation With Treatment120$250$300$350
Acne Consultation With Digital Diagnostics and Treatment180$330$360$400
Online Acne Consultation60$90--

Acne Program

Treatments+Skincare ProductsAcne SpecialistSenior Acne SpecialistMaster Acne Specialist
Acne Program6 treatment + 9 skincare products$1,200$1,400$1,700
Acne Program - “Mild Acne”3 treatments + 9 skincare products$700$1,000
Virtual Acne Program6-8 virtual visits$550$550$550

Acne Treatment

TreatmentDuration (min)Acne SpecialistSenior Acne SpecialistMaster Acne Specialist

Basic Treatments

Deep Pore50$170$200$250
Acne Chemical Peel50$100$150$180
Acne Laser (Aerolase)50$170$190$220
LED Light40$120$120-
VI Peel Original50$220$270-

Double Treatments

Deep Pore + Peel50$250$280$330
Deep Pore + Laser
Peel + Laser
* Add on(s): High Frequency, LED Light

Triple Treatments

Deep Pore + Peel + Laser50$290$320$380
Deep Pore + Peel + Dermaplaning
Peel + Laser + Dermaplaning
* Add on(s): High Frequency, LED Light

Advanced Treatments

4 or more basic treatments in one50$350$390$450
* Add on(s): High Frequency, LED Light

Pigmentation Services

ServiceDuration (min)SpecialistSenior SpecialistMaster Specialist
Pigmentation Chemical Peel50$100$150$180
PRX-T33 Peel50$150$180$220
VI Peel Original50$220$250-
Pigmentation Laser Treatment50$170$190$220
Pigmentation Peel With Laser50$250$280$330

Scars Treatment

TreatmentDuration (min)SpecialistSenior SpecialistMaster Specialist
Microneedling With Chemical Peel50$150$180$220
PRP/PRF Platelete-rich plasma80-$360-
TCA-CROSS Technique50-$250$280

Skincare Treatment

TreatmentDuration (min)SpecialistSenior SpecialistMaster Specialist
Mini Facial30$90--
Сustomized Facial50$170$200$220
Anti-Aging Customized Facial50$170$200$220
Cleopatra Facial80$200$250-
Power Chemical Peel50$100$150$180
PRX-T33 Peel50$150$180$180
VI Peel Original50$220$220-
VI Peel Purify50$290$320-
VI Peel Purify Precision Plus50$320$350
VI Peel With Precision Plus50$320$350
Microneedling With Chemical Peel80$340$370-
PRP Platelet-Rich Plasma with Microneedling80-$380-
Dermaplaning with Oxygen Glow50$120$120$120
Microdermabrasion (Face, Neck, Décolleté)50$120
LED Treatment40$120$120$120
Hydrafacial MD machine50$200
Hydrafacial MD - Instant Glow with LED50$220
Maintain The Glow50$220$260$300
Rosacea/Pigmentation/Rejuvenation Laser90$170$190$220
Cold Laser with LED
(for inflammation, rosacea, eczema, dermatitis)
Laser Facial Blood Vessels Removal50-$250-

Prices for Laser Hair Removal and Laser Vascular Removal are here

Duration (min)Price
X-Small Area (Ears, nose, lip (upper or lower), midbrow, hair line, ball of chin, fingers, toes, belly line)60$20
Small Area (jawline, cheeks, sideburns, forehead, neck (upper or lower), neck (back), underarms, areola, extended belly line, thong line, knees, feet and toes, bikini line)30$40
Medium Area (Lip+chin, full neck, shoulders caps, half arms (upper or lower), hands and fingers, inner thighs, buttocks excluding inner area), extended bikini line, Brazilian (excluding inner area)30$70
Large Area (lower face, breast/chest, abdomen/full belly, half back, buttocks (including inner area), full arms, half legs, face+neck, full Brazilian (including inner area).30$100
X-Large (full back, breast/chest+full belly, and full legs)45$130
Full Body 7 Parts60$250
Full Body From Head to Toe90$400