Acne Treatments

Deep Pore Treatment: $150

(60 min)

The treatment with THOROUGH extraction for congested skin with blackheads, whiteheads, blemishes or 'bumps'. Includes enzymatic exfoliation.

Acne Chemical Peel: $100

(30 min)

We choose the best peel for you skin concern. There will be a complimentary consultation before the chemical peel. Depending on the strength and type of the peel, you can expect from zero to significant peeling in 2 days after the treatment, which mostly lasts for 2 days but also can take longer.
BE AWARE: You should discontinue any type of retinols, retinoids, acids 5 days prior to your appointment.

VI Peel (Chemical Peel): $220

(60 min)

Specifically formulated for acne prone skin. Clears out dead cells to open pores, kills bacteria, Soothes inflammation and redness.

Acne Laser Treatment: $170

(30 min)

The ndYAg laser light in Aerolase reduces sebum production, suppress inflammation, and kill the p. acnes bacteria colony to clear existing breakouts, limit future outbreaks, and reduce pore size.

Laser With Deep Pore: $220

(60 min)

The Aerolase laser offers a powerful acne treatment that eliminates the major factors causing acne, including excess sebum production, inflammation, and the p. bacteria, to help clear current acne breakouts and prevent them in the future. During Deep Pore treatment the Specialist gets filaments and congestions out of the pores to help clear up the skin, acne heal more quickly and your skincare and/or acne products work better.
We successfully combine these 2 treatments (value of $320).

Laser With Chemical Peel: $220

(50 min)

The laser coagulates capillaries feeding the sebacious gland to reduce oil output and inflammations, destroys P. acnes bacteria. The Peel exfoliates the walls of the pores to diminish congestions and sloughs off pigmented cells to reveal the new healty skin without discolorations. Choose this treatment (value of $270) if you would like to target both acne and pigmentation issues at the same time.

Laser With Deep Pore and Chemical Peel: $290

(60 min)

The Laser light (ndYAG from Aerolase) treats existing acne and prevents new outbreaks. The Peel diminishes the congestion and pigmentation. The Deep Pore treatment clears up the pores, helps acne heal more quickly and skincare products work better.
Value of $420.

LED LightStim/Celluma Treatment: $60

(30 min)

We customize the blue and red light of LightStim or Celluma LED based on the type of acne you have. Both LightStim and Celluma are the world leaders on the market of the LED light, the only FDA approved machines in the USA.

PFB (Pseudofolliculitis Barbae) Laser Treatment: $180

(30 min)

Pseudofollicultis Barbae is caused when hair curl up beneath the skin surface, causing and inflamed lesion that often is accompanied by pain, irritation and pigmentation. The laser light superheats the curled-up hair shaft and the follicle, destroying both the source of inflammation and inflamed papule.
3 treatments in 3 week interval are required for substantial improvement. Clients typically report noticeable clearance of the lesions after the first treatment.

Customized Acne Treatment: $170

(60 min)

This treatment will include more than 2 modalities (extraction service, chemical peel or enzyme, ultrasound or cold laser, dermaplaning or High Frequency, mask or LED light). Choose this option if you want to clean up the pores, calm down inflammation, and improve the texture of the skin. The treatment is customized according to your acne and skin condition.

Advanced Customized Acne Treatment (with Laser): $220

(60 min)

This treatment will include more than 2 modalities (extraction service, chemical peel or enzyme, LED or cold laser, dermaplaning or High Frequency) and Acne Laser Treatment. Choose this option if you want to target not only congested pores and/or inflammations, but also work for pigmentation and acne prevention. The treatment is customized according to your acne and skin condition.

Acne Program (6 Treatments without Skincare Products): $900

(60 min)

A series of 6 Acne Treatments will be customized during the course of treating your acne depending on the acne type, grade, skin condition and your progress. No product use is required.