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About us

With many years of experience, we’ve helped build the confidence of thousands of people. We are tirelessly deepening and expanding our expertise to help people like you regain confidence. There’s no greater joy for us than seeing our clients forget their insecurities, and walk out of our clinic with new self-esteem. Testimonies have come back reporting that their confidence found them a new job, a great partner – all from loving what they see in the mirror.

We’re a results-oriented, 99% success rate clinic. Our experience, knowledge and advanced technologies allow us to continue transforming people’s skin – and their lives.

We successfully treat the most challenging cases of all acne types and grades. Using laser technologies, to improve your pigmentation while treating the acne itself, we end your battle with acne – no matter how and how long they’ve been fighting it. If other dermatologists, creams, treatments, and medications have failed you, allow us to show you that clear skin is a reality, even for the worst of cases.

Normally, 6 treatments over 3-4 months puts acne under control. But we don’t expect you to come back afterwards, we ensure you don’t need to! By teaching you how to maintain your new skin, you’ll be certain acne doesn’t relapse.

On a budget? No problem. Our 3-tiered pricing allows even working students to afford a program with our specialist. Contact us for more information!

Our clinic is situated in the heart of Manhattan – between Times Square and Bryant Park. Not in Manhattan? We also help people all over the world virtually.

Let us be the last place where you come to treat your acne.